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Through Nutrition

Helping women and children restore their bodies back to

health and wholeness,  by utilizing a foundational approach with 

nutrition and functional lab testing.


Hi, I'm Erin!

Before becoming a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) and a Restorative Wellness Practitioner (RWP, L1), I spent a decade as an Occupational Therapy Assistant, working primarily in pediatrics. Being an OT was a rewarding experience - I had the privilege to work with many families, each experience continuing to light my proverbial flame for knowledge in the world of health. But as my family grew, so did my specific passions. I have two beautiful children with my husband of twelve years. It was through the eye-opening and complex health experiences with our children that I became inspired to shift my growing passion for health and wellness into a career. 

At the age of two, my son suffered from debilitating eczema and food allergies, all of which did not occur until after heavy use of antibiotics and fever-reducers. My daughter dealt with eczema and difficulty with bowel regularity from a young age. As I was doing my best to learn, research, and care for my children through their discomforts, it was becoming clear to me the veils, habits of comfort, and quick biases of modern-day medicine. Was I giving my children medicines because it was healing the root issue and, by default, its symptoms, or because it was a conveniently available "quick fix"? Did the pressures of doctors and the internet align with the rearing effects being expressed by my family?

Equally determined and sometimes a little discouraged, we walked the long marathon of healing, of balance. Through various diets and protocols, and searching to find practitioners that would work with children, I can now happily say that both my children are healthy, no longer suffering the consequences of organ and gut damage, and are now eczema free!

In 2021, I began my training with the Nutritional Therapy Association to become certified as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. Upon completion of this program in 2022,  I went on to complete my Level 1 certification with Restorative Wellness Solutions. It is my greatest privilege and honor to have your trust and the opportunity to walk alongside you as we journey our way to wholeness and healing for you and your family's body. 


The Arukah Vision

אֲרוּכָה ʾărûkâ: Healing of a wound, restoration; restoring to health and soundness.
Perfected, wholeness.

I entered the field of Nutritional Therapy field fueled by my own experiences and struggles with doctors and practitioners - as I was pursuing healing, no one truly listened. 


My children and I were merely a number in the system, quickly directed to common treatments of medicine. And they weren't helping. 

My passion and desire is to witness every family living in bodies that are whole, healthy, balanced, restored, and empowered. As your practitioner,  I am here to fully listen to you and guide you into restoration.


This is your health, your journey, and your story. You are in charge.

We'll work together through one of the programs below to gain clarity on the best approaches to promote healing. It is with great humility and eagerness that I walk into this profession, ready to give my all to best advocate for your walk of health and wellness. 

"Nevertheless, I will bring health and healing to it; I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security.”

Jeremiah 33:6


arukah vision

1:1 Packages

For anyone 16+ who wants to stop pursuing fads, and take charge of their own health and wellness. We work together to determine the root cause of your health issues through extensive interviews, nutritional assessments, and functional lab testing. We'll utilize nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations to help you find healing.

Child(ren)'s Packages

Similar to my 1:1 Programs, this is geared toward your child(ren), age 1-15, and their own bio-individual needs. Is your child constantly sick? Do they have difficulty with bowel movements? Are they uncomfortable with skin issues? Does your child have unusual reactions after eating certain foods? All of these challenges can be discouraging, especially with littles, and from one mama to another, I get it. Inquire below and let's tackle these issues together.

Family Packages

 Do you want your family to walk this wellness journey together at an affordable price? These packages include all that my 1:1 programs do, but I do group sessions with your family, instead of the individual. Whether you are simply desiring to grow in education regarding health and wellness, or looking to help yourself, your spouse, or your children take back their health from various ailments, this program is for you!


Arukah Approach

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